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Real Estate

  • Small Apartment - eight photos $70 (others start @ $95)

  • Medium to large Apartment - twelve photos $100 (Others start @ $120)

  • For properties that have little or no street appeal, they can also take elevated shot to improve the view, at a cost of around $100 (Others start @ $150)

  • Twilight shots will cost you more.

  • Virtual 180° & 360° images - $25 per image (Others start @ $45) 

  • Videos - $195 for 30 seconds (Others start at $225) but the price will rise depending on the length, professional voiceovers and other editing services.

  • Arial Shoots - For a special touch, drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can add an extra $100 to $300 to your marketing price tag, but much more to the impact of your marketing campaign by allowing potential buyers to appreciate the full dimensions of a large property or by showing off in seconds a property?s surroundings and illustrating its proximity to shopping hubs, schools and transport. (Others start @ $300 to $400)

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